Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Opening Film Task - The Forgotten; Final Cut.

Film Opening Task - The Forgotten; First Cut.


At the moment, I'm happy with the outcome of our video. I think we have included all of the different conventions and codes of a thriller film and I think it's been edited in a way that looks professional, and fits the genre effectively. I particularly like the use of split screen, this not only saves time on scenes by combining ones which are similar, but also makes for enjoyable viewing because it's different to the rest of the scenes in the opening. I also think the sound effects added work quite well with the opening and create the effect of suspense.

However, if given the chance to improve the opening, I would have worked more on music which we plan to do in our final week of editing. I think this is a crucial feature to the opening because it helps to set the mood of it and it's an important feature that helps other to understand what genre the opening belongs too. Aswell as this, using music helps to build emotion and particularly for our opening, build tension and suspense.

Our group plans to work on music and add it later on to our opening. Once done, our opening will be fully complete and we shall upload it.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Film Opening Task - Video Diary - Editing #1.

What we have left to do..

We have completed the filming of our footage and are currently in the editing process. We are now thinking about what editing would best suit our opening as we want to make it effective and quite obvious what genre it belongs to. As editing is such a crucial part of film making, we are going to have to think wisely about what effects we want to add, such as transitions, sound effects, music ect.

Opening Film Task - Video Diary - Filming.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


This is the storyboard our group created for the opening of our film.